Tee and Skirt - The Modern Chic Style

Tee and Skirt - The Modern Chic Style

Tee and Skirt: The Urban Chic Style

The Thumb Rule of Fashion is that There Are No Rules!

Another way to look at it is;

Fashion Doesn't Make you, You Make Fashion!

So if anyone told you that tees look good only on jeans, tell them B*tch Please!

Prints are becoming hugely popular with today's generation. Be it creative artworks out slogans, the women of today no longer shy away from wearing Fashion that Screams there personality.

Also given the range of variety in skirts these days, any girl should experiment pairing a skirt with a cool looking printed t-shirt.

A few of our Shor Bazaaris did exactly that and we are excited to show you how voguish they looked.

The Cute Look

Kiran Punj wearing Shor Bazaar Tee

Just like her Instagram handle suggests, Kiran Punj looks nothing but Stunning in this outfit.

She pairs our Magar Koi Tshirt Kya Tumne Padha Hai tee with this short skirt which gives it serious vibes of cuteness.

The dark tones of the Shor Bazaar tee strikes prominently against the vibrating beige skirt. Moreover, she has styled her hair to simply amplify her good looks.

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The Classic Look

Malvika wearing Shor Bazaar tee

Just like Kiran, Malvika lives up to her Instagram handle; Classically Beautiful!

She styled this 'Believe in Yourself' tee from Shor Bazaar along with a classic Black Skirt and a short Jacket.

And one can't miss the red tones of the tee getting enhanced by the red shades of her lip colour.

This Red and Black combination oozes out perfection and class everytime you look at it.

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The Urban Fashionista Look

Muneeta Aneja wearing Shor Bazaar tee

Where Red and Black reflects class, the combination of Red and White simply brings out the Fashionista in you.

Muneeta, a journalist by profession, didn't think twice before pairing this 'Slay Them With Sweetness' tee from Shor Bazaar with this marvelous Printed Red and White Skirt.

And just like Malvika, she wears a bright red lip colour to accentuate the vibrancy of her outfit.

The Reds don't stop there! One can't ignore the matching red handbag she carries in her right hand.

And the location of the picture just adds oomph to the entire tonality of the picture.

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So the bottom-line is this,

Don't hesitate to experiment because these girls didn't. And all the if then look absolutely stunning, classically beautiful and fashionistas!

So when are you going to try a skirt with one of our tees?

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