How to Choose the "RIGHT" T-Shirt?

How to Choose the "RIGHT" T-Shirt?

How to Choose the "RIGHT" T-Shirt? Photo by Matthey Henry from Burst

Gone are the days when "Real Men" & "Classy Women" wore Suits and Dresses. In 2019, fashion has evolved to being "Comfortable" in whatever you wear.

And when it comes to Comfort, the millennial generation finds nothing more comfortable than a T-Shirt coupled with a pair of denims.

But how to pick the "RIGHT" T-Shirt?

Shor Bazaar is here to help you with it! 

Choose the "RIGHT" Fit for YOU

There's a common misconception that one needs to be "FIT" to look great in a T-Shirt. We do agree than a toned physique accentuates and gives a better visual appeal, but we love to break the stereotypes, don't we?

To be honest, anyone and everyone can look amazing in a T-Shirt if they choose the right fit. The secret lies in understanding your body before buying a tee.

If you are lean, wear a Slim Fit tee which will make your torso look toned and attractive. A perfect hugging t-shirt would enhance your physical attributes.

If you are on the heavier side, it's better to get a tee with one size bigger than usual. This will help hide the extra mass and also give a cool vibe to your fashion sense.

The length of the t-shirt is another important aspect that one tends to forget. The ideal t-shirt should end around an inch below your belt, hiding your abdomen region and not completely covering your rear.

Finally the sleeve length needs to be neither too short nor too long.

Shor Bazaar offers you Slim Fit T-Shirts.

Choose the "RIGHT" Fabric

Modern Day T-Shirt manufactures offer a plethora of fabric options. From Cotton to Polyster to Rayon to Blends, each one has their own pros and cons.

Having said so, a 100% Cotton T-Shirt is the undisputed winner here. Why? Because it is softer, stronger and the most breathable of the lot.

All other fabrics will make you sweat more, making it easier to stay cool and look good. 

A 100% Cotton T-Shirt with pre-shrunk fabric is the "RIGHT" fabric for the Indian Climate.

That's exactly what Shor Bazaar offers!

Choose the "RIGHT" Design

There is nothing cooler than wearing Solid T-Shirts. It is perhaps the most classic thing to pair with a denim.

But times are changing. People want their Character & Thoughts to be spoken through their Fashion.

Hence, we have seen a huge spike in Printed T-Shirts over the last few years.

So would you choose the "RIGHT" design for yourself?

Firstly, never buy a Tee with a design which is popular but doesn't reflect your thoughts. Secondly, every second person these days wears a Tee which has some or the other reference to pop culture, be it a superhero or a TV series. So choose wisely, so that you and your colleague/classmate don't end up wearing the same tee! Try choosing something that is unique and creative, something people would notice. Lastly, avoid wearing offensive designs. There is a thin line between being funny and being arrogantly offensive. That might make you extremely unpopular.

Shor Bazaar offers a wide range of designs, and we consistently update our library too.

Choose the "RIGHT" Colour

A simple rule to follow, most of us look amazing in White & Black T-Shirts.

Having said so, here's how colours can help us look better.

White compliments all skin tones and goes with any colour of jeans and jackets. Also, the vibrant prints look fantastic on whites.

Grey creates an illusion which virtually enhances your body shape. 

Black is the most popular colour as it makes one look slimmer than usual. Also, vibrant prints look cooler on Black.

Navy is picking up quick as an alternate option to Black. It helps creating tonal looks when combined with denims.

Other colours like Red, Green, Pink & Blue are slowly becoming popular as designers are creating artworks that go well with these colours.

Shor Bazaar offers multiple colour options for the same design.

Choose the "RIGHT" T-Shirt for the "RIGHT" Occasion

If you want to look good, you need to understand which T-Shirt to wear when.

If it is a formal occasion, you can wear a Solid T-Shirt paired with a denim jeans and a semi-formal blazer.

If it is a party, you can wear Black T-Shirts with vibrant prints.

If it is a date, wear something colourful and funny or witty.

If it is office or college, wear some design which is clean and sober and not offensive.

We shall cover this topic in detail in another blog.

So, T-Shirts are the soul of today's fashion. Always remember, whatever the occasion, a T-Shirt & Jeans would never look bad!

So, check out our collection and give your wardrobe the update it deserves.

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