3 Reasons to Buy a Mobile Case

3 Reasons to Buy a Mobile Case

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It is apt to call today's generation as the 'Smartphone Generation'.

I mean, look around you. Smartphones are everywhere. Your cab driver has one, your friend has one, your parents have one, your vegetable vendor has one, and ofcourse you have one too.

Infact, on all likelihood, you are reading this blog on one!

One can say, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives.

So, why not style them with a quirky and good-looking mobile case?

Here are 3 reasons to buy a case for your Mobile Phone.

1. Protection is Perfection

Now this is a no-brainer. Our phones cost us a bomb and we ought to think of every way to protect it. In today's hectic life, phones are prone to get broken or scratched. A back case definitely adds an extra layer of protection from accidental bumps and scratches.

Moreover, it protects the audio jack and camera from getting directly exposed to wet and rough surfaces.

2. Resale Value Retention

The modern-day Smartphone user is also a regular Smartphone buyer. An average individual tends to change their phone every 1-2 years.

They either exchange their phone for a new one, or sell the old one and buy a brand new phone.

In either case, the valuation of the old phone depends heavily on the device's cosmetic condition. 

Here the phone cases play a vital role in keeping your phone look new and clean.

So get a phone case and get those few extra bucks while exchanging/selling your phone.

3. From Gadget Guru to Style Guru

So look at it this way. You carry your phone everywhere. Be it college or office or parties or weddings, you carry it as an accessory. Expensive phones are no longer a novelty thanks to the EMI schemes on offer.

So how do you make your phone stand out in the crowd?

Simple, get a stylish phone case!

Now there are tons of phone cases out in the market, from silicon cases to flip cases to back cases. Choose the one that suits your personality.

Tip: A vibrant and creative design often looks more attractive than a plain case, even if that pain case is way more expensive.

Shor Bazaar offers a range of witty, quirky, creative, unique and quality designs that would suit your style statement to perfection.
Be it slogans, pop culture references, patterns or caricatures, we have got you 'covered'!

But why choose Shor Bazaar?
For just ₹299/- you can own one of our cases, this cost includes Free Shipping too!
We use hard poly-carbonate plastic for your phone cases which gives them a smooth scratch resistant finish.

We use the best quality of ink to print your phone cases that even on regular use would not fade the colors away.

We use 3D sublimation printing technology to print the phone case on the sides as well in continuation with the back.

Full coverage on the corners of the case helps protect the phone from drops and saves it from breakages.

So it's time to up your style quotient and choose Shor Bazaar!
Because it's high time that you wear "Fashion that Screams"


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