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One can say, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives.

So, why not style them with a quirky and good-looking mobile case?

Here are 3 reasons to buy a case for your Mobile Phone.

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The Thumb Rule of Fashion is that There Are No Rules!

Another way to look at it is;

Fashion Doesn't Make you, You Make Fashion!

A few of our Shor Bazaaris did exactly that and we are excited to show you how voguish they looked.

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Gone are the days when "Real Men" & "Classy Women" wore Suits and Dresses. In 2019, fashion has evolved to being "Comfortable" in whatever you wear.

And when it comes to Comfort, the millennial generation finds nothing more comfortable than a T-Shirt coupled with a pair of denims.

But how to pick the "RIGHT" T-Shirt?

Shor Bazaar is here to help you with it! 

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